Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend of FUN!

Saturday, the girls and I enjoyed a trip to the zoo. We attended the zoo on a fun play group day, so we got to meet up with other mommy's and kiddos and get into the zoo for free.

I've got to upload pictures this week and get them posted.

Caity LOVED seeing the monkeys. Especially the baby gorilla! She was a little disappointed that they did not feed the alligators as planned, but she enjoyed seeing all the other animals.

Izzie found herself a little boyfriend and enjoyed sharing her yogurt melts with him. I think he enjoyed her company (and food!) too. She really loved the birds and the fish.

Thank you Monika and everyone else for such an enjoyable afternoon! We hope to do it again!

It was so nice to make it to Little Rock and not have to going to Children's hospital!

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