Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And so I nominate.........

Five Minutes for Mom is holding another Blogs can change lives giveaway.

This time, its for the kids. Sick kids to be precise.

5MFM has 10 PSP bundles to give to very deserving kids who don't get to have the fun they should.

Our job, as bloggers, is to nominate kids we feel would benefit from this giveaway.

I have had a few friends tell me I should nominate Caity for her kidney issues. But alas I think she's a touch to young for a PSP and there are more deserving kids out there.

And so, I nominate Kyler.

Kyler is the son of another blogger. My bloggy friend Sara, has spoken about him before and introduced me to his struggles. I know some of the pain that goes with kidney troubles, and I can only hope that Kyler gets to have a little fun and feel a little special every day. And I also have hope that a kidney finds its way to him.


Kelli said...

(I am Kylers mom) thank you so much. He would be so happy if he won.

Jennifer said...

That is very nice of you I hope he wins :-)

The Dirty Shirt

Bridgette said...

How nice of you to nominate him. I hope he wins!