Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Only in Arkansas ---- My dream house

DH sent me this in an email from a real estate site. I laughed until I cried, then laughed some more.

House Description:

$40,000 - Single Family Home, 1 Bed, 500 Sqft.,
Hot Springs, AR

* Lot Descriptions: 2
* Acres: 2.00
* Bedrooms: 1
* Lakes: Fountain Lake
* Listing Price: $40,000

* Property Type: Single Family Home
* School District: Fountain Lake
* Sq.Ft.: 500
* Year Built: 2006

First thought that popped in my head, what there's no bathroom?

Then I glanced at the pictures.

9 pictures.

9 pictures of a 1 bedroom, no apparant bath house.

Picture #1 -- Why yes, it's a shack. Shed looking shack. mmmmmk


Picture #2 -- OOH look, it has a garage door. Wait a minute, there didn't appear to be enough room in the shack for a garage.


Picture #3 -- Always been a dream of mine to be able to wash the laundry and cook dinner in my drive through home.


No mention of heat and air, I guess that comes in your car, that you drive into the 1 bed shack.

And wait. Here it is......the bathroom...... well almost.


ETA: Um, this is so a joke, I really do not plan on buying this. LOL


Amanda said...

Isn't that everyone's dream house? LOL
Stopping over from MomDot.

Melissa said...

That is toooooo funnny! Thanks for sharing!!

Andrea said...

That would make it easier to get out the door adn in the car for work in the morning! Too funny!

AJ said...

Hey I'm from Arkansas...don't be knocking our Drive Through houses. :P