Saturday, November 29, 2008

We are now the proud owners of a


Caity went to take her shower tonight and she hollers out "Mom, there's a lizard in here"

yes, a lizard. A little one somehow got into our bathtub. Of course she wouldn't let us put it outside once DH said it would die (cold), so now its in a mason jar (with air holes at the top) until we can find more appropriate lodging for it.

Anyone know how to take care of lizards?


Toni said...

Ohh eek better you than me. my hubby used to have some sort of lizard.. I will ask him if he has any advice.

Jess said...

My hubs loves lizards. When we were dating he bought two that were a mating couple... well the tank was too small for them to breed. you could go to the pet store with lizard and ask them if they have any ideas on what type of lizard it is. They may give you some books.

Staci said...

We used to have a lizard too. They really aren't too hard to take care of. I would look up somethings on-line and talk to someone at a pet store like Jess said.