Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen --- Work comments

Thursday 13

Thirteen of the stupid/crazy comments/questions I've heard from customer's. (my internal thoughts/comments are in red)

1. I'd like to know what it would cost to get a new screen for my plasma. My husband threw the wii remote through it.

I'm sorry. Buy a new tv. It'll be cheaper. And next time, don't play so hard on the wii.

2. My tv is under warranty. My son shot it out with his BB gun. What do I need to do to get that repaired under Warranty?


3. My tv is broke, how much will it cost to fix it?

Lemme pull out my crystal ball.

4. I have an RCA and its...

"Sorry we don't work on RCA anymore."

Well that's stupid.

Not one bit stupid. We can't get their parts, why would we take stuff in that will sit for months with you griping because we can't get parts. Take it up with RCA.

5. I'm sure its something small wrong. It's only 2 years old.

Age doesn't mean anything. and BTW this translates to "I'm cheap and won't pay over 50 to have it repaired."

6. How much do you charge to come to the house and fix my tv.

"We don't work on TVs in the home, we can't bring all of our equipment to your home, therefore there is nothing we can do in the home."

It's just a little one. How much does it cost?


7. "Hi Mr. ?, we checked out your set and found teh following wrong with it. It would run $1500 to repair."

It's lightning. I need a form for my insurance.

"There are no signs of lightning on the set. We can't write it off as lightning damage"

Well then you're stupid. Because I know darn well it was lightning. Now give me something for my insurance.

And you're stupid if you think that we are going to lie on a form for your insurance company. Hope you like the affidavit we filled out that says "NO SIGN OF LIGHTNING."

8. My friend who works on these things says it just needs a capacitor.

So why doesn't your friend replace that capacitor?

9. I know that our part is on backorder until September 7th, but nobody's called us to give us an update on our tv.

Um. Yeah. We're not gonna call you daily to say 'Hey your part is still on backorder until next month.' We'll call you tomorrow and say the same thing.

10. What time do you close?


So if I come at 5:30, will someone be there.

Not Likely.

11. I looked your ad up in the phone book. It says there you work on Sony. Does that mean you work on all Sony tv's?

Nope. We randomly pick model numbers on a daily basis. Try us, you might get lucky.

12. I bought my son's tv in October, but we didn't give it to him until Christmas, why is it out of warranty now?

Um....Warranty Starts the day you buy it. Duh.

And my abosloute favorite:

13. Do you fix tvs?

No, we just like having TV REPAIR, INC. in our name. It looks cool! What'd you look our number up under in the phone book?


Jess said...

LOL That's funny!!!

Staci said...

Very nice! Don't you just love how some people think (or don't)?

Andrea said...

OMG LOL People get tv's fixed? LOL I never thought to get one fixed, we just get a new one on the rare chance that one breaks. I would be banging my head answering those questions.

Sara said...

Hahaha!! That gave me a good laugh!

"If you close at 5:00, you think I can come by at 5:30?" LOL

BTW, Tag you're it!

Aimee said...

Love stupid client comments! Absolutely LOVE 'EM!