Monday, August 04, 2008

It's Breastfeeding Week

And I thought, that since tomorrow marks 17 months of Nursing for Miss Izzie, that I'd take the time to make a special post.

It's so amazing to me the difference between my children. Caity, as most of you know, would not breastfeed at all. Nothing we did worked, the LC's couldn't help, LLL was clueless to get it going, and I ended up pumping. As Fun as that was, I was determined to make Breastfeeding work with Izzie, and amazingly enough it has! She's been a great nurser from day 1 and here we are at 17 months.

I thought she had weaned, but that only lasted a week. She is of course, not as big of a nurser now, as she was a year ago, but I know its good for her.

Some of my favorite things about nursing are the bond that forms. I am of course bonded to both of my children. But seeing Izzie's face when she's nursing, her sweet smiles, those are special. Plus I'm all about the convenience of not having to pack bottles!

I'll also always love my "Milk Truck" and "Milk Maid" shirts from Biltmore Baby .

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Minxy Mimi said...

Congrats on having two happy and healthy kiddos!