Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Long Week

It's going to be a long week around here, so if I'm not around much, that should explain it.

#1 My washer and dryer are both working, and working correctly! YAY! but this means I have to catch up on the 5 hampers full of dirty laundry. And I have to do it before Thursday or my mom will do it for me. (That's scary)

#2 Izzie is ill or something. Maybe teeth. I don't know. But she's sleeping a lot. More than normal, so I know something is up with her there.

#3 We are night weaning. Yes. Finally. And she's not liking the plan too well.

#4 Thursday at Noon, we have Caity's MRI at Children's. We'll have to get there earlier though to meet with the financial folks, because Children's is out of network with our insurance provider and its the only place we can go for these tests at a pediatric level, therefore, we are probably stuck with at least 50% of the final bill(s). Isn't that exciting? (see me rolling my eyes here)

#5 My baby will be sedated for said MRI. That is terrifying to me. I'm more nervous about that than finding out something major is wrong.

#6 Miss Lexi Mae turns 1 in September! Her birthday party here is Saturday. And then we will probably keep her at our house for a little while while D&A pack up the rest of their stuff here at the house in AR to take back to their new house in AL.

Hope the week is awesome for everyone else. Results of the MRI will be posted when we have them. I'm not sure how long that takes.

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Miss Organization said...

I am really hoping and praying the MRI goes well for you!! XX OO