Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Dreaded Day

Well. We are traumatized, bruised, and black-eyed. But we made it through the day, pretty unscathed, except maybe for the lovely nurse who will be sporting a knot on her head for a little while, due to Caity's Kicking non-cooperation.

Three total tests: Kidney u/s, VCUG , and plain ol xray's.

The VCUG was conclusive, definite VUR in her left kidney, which also appears to be smaller than the right. Course of treatment, to be determined. Dr. M will followup with us tomorrow with all of the results which Children's faxed over to her today.

Izzie, was of course, VERY glad to see us after 8 hours with Nana

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Leah said...

Aww poor kiddo and poor you. I k now it was not easy to your little one so upset. Hugs!!!