Thursday, June 11, 2009

OB Appt. Update

28(ish) weeks!

We are up to 134 lbs! (so a total of 19 lbs gained so far)

I am measuring right on at 28 weeks. (Weird to me because I usually measure 2 weeks bigger -- but no complaints here)

Baby's HR was in the 150's again (even after the glucola)

I PASSED the GTT test -- YAY for no GD.

Next appt. in 3 weeks, and they'll probably do an u/s to check my cervix length to make sure I'm not showing any signs of another premature labor!

My Goal -- a 6lb baby (Both the older girls were 5lbr's.) Preferably a 37 weeker or later -- but I suppose I can't be too picky.

All in all things are looking good. No PUPPPs this time (thank goodness) and so far no contractions. Of course this pelvic pressure is enough to make me nuts. Miss Calleigh has decided she likes to stay deep down low.

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