Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ever have one of them days......

Where nothing is going right, everybody is irritating you and you SUCK at parenting.

That was my Monday.

The girls fought and whined all day. Didn't listen well.

Izzie got into the sharpie, and colored her arms and legs.

Caity sprayed windex on everything.

And it just continued once we got home.

Izzie poured half a bottle of Dawn on her head. Which was fun to clean off lemme tell ya. Then she broke out in a rash *Can we say allergic to Dawn* So I gave her benedryl and prednisone -- of which she dumped half down the toilet and told me it was "Nassy"

She tried climbing onto the bathroom sink and fell instead. Nothing hurt, just scared her.

The day ended with me wanting to pull my hair out, and Izzie screaming herself to sleep because she hadn't had a nap and was exhausted.

How was your Monday?

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