Friday, May 29, 2009

We're getting down to the wire.

IF Miss Calleigh is born at the same gestation that Izzie was, we've got about 9 weeks to go. There's a slim possibility she'll come earlier and of course the possibility she'll come later.

SO. I've really go to get cracking on finishing up everything that needs done.

This list will keep me accountable.

Things Left to Buy:
1. Carseat -- Our original choice is out of stock currently at the two places we were going to buy from. It is in stock at other online merchants -- but for a pricier tag, PLUS more shipping. I'll pass.

2. Bottles/ Pacifiers. -- Just planning on picking up a Playtex starter kit and a few types of paci's (NUKs, Avent, Mam, and Soothie)

3. Diapers -- I need to stock up on more of these. Both cloth and disposable.

4. Breast Pump Parts. I need new tubing/valves etc for my Ameda since SIL has returned it. At least I won't need a whole new pump now.

5. Diaper Bag -- Really considering splurging a little for a Skip Hop Duo -- but so far have not been able to make myself hit Order. WOOTY Woot! DONE. I just got my new Skip Hop Duo Deluxe for $4.69 out of pocket! I can live with that.

6. SOCKS -- We've lost almost all of our baby socks.
Things left to do in the house:

1. Finish setting up Bassinet in my room.

2. Wash blankets/bedding

3. Get swing from mom's house so we have it.

4. Sterilize Bottles/Paci's (In case we need them)

5. Pack hospital bags.

6. Finalize plans for where the girlies will go

7. Anything else I've forgotten.

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