Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I had big plans for this week.....

But I've been hit by the Sciatica bug,PLUS Izzie has an upper respiratory infection and thus, didn't accomplish much yesterday/today.

I did however accomplish a lot over the weekend.

Cleaned Living room -- Folded all laundry, cleaned table off (lots of junk on it)
Organized mail, dusted.

Cleaned our bedroom
5 loads of laundry
Cleaned both bathrooms
Took out all trash.
Made OUr bed

6 loads of laundry
Put away girls clothes.
Packed up remaining winter clothes to go into storage.
Organized some more of Calleigh's clothes
Made kids beds with fresh sheets and clean comforters

My list for this week, which I hopefully will be able to accomplish

clean Playroom/Nursery
Clean Kitchen
Finish Laundry (I seriously think there's another 8 loads *I'll note here, that I fell
behind on laundry, and am washing regular laundry AND the newly unpacked summer wardrobes
for everyone*)

I also hope to get some craft time in. I want to get started on

Calleigh's nursery letters and her blanket. Plus a few other things.

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