Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Works for me Wednesday --- Shelving

In our house, where we have both girls currently sharing a room (Hey honey, can you get that addition up any faster?!) We have a lack of space in the bedroom. But no lack of toys, clothes, and all the other miscellaneous items needed in their room.

So we took a unused bookshelf, hung it on the wall (its safely hung and not moving at all!) and We use it to store cloth diapers, hats, bibs, burp clothes and any other random item that does not go with the toys or clothes in the dressers.

The items are out of the reach of the littles AND not stuffed somewhere looking ridiculous. That Works for me

Here's an old picture of the shelf


The Momster said...

That is a great idea :)

beverlybygrace said...

Neat idea. My daughter's share their room & I feel like there is alot of clutter because of all their things.