Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today's To do

We had a busy day today. We had to do grocery shopping and hit walmart for a few items too (Why can't we get a target!?)

Jay ended up having to go into work after some fiasco there. I am not sure what exactly happened, but something with the server and the project couldn't run, and he was upset and gone for 5 hours -- so not good.

I went to G's house to go with her to walmart. Plus I did some of my laundry at her house, since I still have no water in the laundry room (Thanks to Xerox for calling Jay in today) While there, Jay calls and tells me to run by and pick up an RX for Caity. Apparantly Dr. M called while I was gone and she has a UTI. Lovely.

Just lovely.

We've started Izzie on some Carnation instant breakfast to increase her calories and try to get her to gain some weight. SO far, its going okay. She seemed to like it a bit.

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