Thursday, July 10, 2008

What A Fun Week

*note dripping sarcasm*

So, Izzie's latest medical problem stems from high lead levels, as most of our friends and family know.

Jay, how I love him, is very dedicated to figuring out where this is coming from and fixing it, so that we can get the lead out of her system for good.

His latest attempt at this was adding a whole house water filter and changing all of our water pipes in the house to new CPVC instead of the metal they were.

He started replacing pipes Monday afternoon. Tuesday, he continued, and shut off the water, so we could hook everything up. After 3 trips to Sutherlands (kinda like Home Depot/Lowes for those that don't have them) that night, he still did not have all pieces needed, and so we went without water.

Yesterday, he went to Lowe's on his lunch break to pick up peices. And when we got home from work, he continued on, while I helped AND kept an eye on the girls -- who have thoroughly enjoyed being outside!

Needless to say, nothing ever goes right! And while we did have water last night to bathe, etc, there were other problems and we will be yet again, working on them today after work.

Nothing like bursting water pipes to make your evening fun!

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