Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen -- Tru Fax Bout Bein a Parent

Thirteen Tru Fax bout bein a Parent

#1 You can understand the title of this Thursday thirteen.

#2 Your glass/cup/bottle will never be empty.

#3 You will never get to finish a meal by yourself. (unless you wait until everyone is a sleep to eat your dinner)

#4 Saying things like "Do not bite the cat's tail" will become a daily norm.

#5 Remember those days of cramming all night long for tests or papers? Remember how you were able to crash when the test/class was over? Yeah -- you'll still have the lack of sleep --- only the chances of getting a nap are SLIM TO NONE.

#6 You will find out that Laundry REPRODUCES in the hamper. Really it does. Apparently laundry is like rabbits in that regard. Go figure.

#7 A shower -- A shower what is that? You will never again be able to take a REAL shower, at least not for a few years. AT get used to sharing. (No I don't mean like that)

#8 Housework becomes a real chore. Because while you are cleaning one room, the kid(s) are messing up another.

#9 You know what else reproduces while you are not looking -- DISHES. They are evil little things.

#10 You will spend months trying to teach them to talk, and the rest of their lives wishing they never did.

#11 WHY? WHY? WHY? Get used to it. You'll hear it a billion and one times a month.

#12 Always have the camera ready and charged. You never know when a perfect photo op will arrive. (IE the perfect teenage blackmail fodder)

#13 Kids are too smart for their own good. Spelling out words only works for a time or two, then they still know what you are saying. Trying to skip over pages in a book at bedtime -- HAHA no, they know every page, front to back and they know when you skip one.

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Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

LOL!!! Great list! I thought that the laundry and dishes only reproduced on their own in my house. ;P

Sarah said...

All I can say is, yep! So true~

Great list!