Saturday, October 03, 2009

Small Talk Six -- What I hope to NOT teach the kiddos

Six things I say that I don't want the kids to repeat.....

Being a new mom (again!) I say this one often lately
1. Mommy's losing her mind.

Other common phrases you can find me saying
2. That's Crazy
3. WTF (especially when I'm upset about something -- but truly not that often)
4. Anything I've said about a certain In Law in vents.
5. *muttering* Stupid (fill in the blank here)
6. Craptastic.

Yeah I'm not a huge cusser, but when I do, its usually do to serious anger and I bring out the WTF.

So, what about you? What do you say that you don't want your kids to repeat?

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Anne said...

My daughter (18) says WTF - the letters not the words. I just look at her and remind her that I do know what she is saying. I'm more of a WTH kind of girl.

Mommy's Hangout said...

LOL I think WTF is the most common one listed today

Anonymous said...

I think WTF is very popular, but I do like craptastic. LOL

Lisa@gardenofmany said...

Great list , I agree with the other girl WTF is pretty common this weekend on the list ! I don't say it much. Like you my girls say it to, drive me crazy! Hope you have a awesome weekend.

babyrocasmama said...

Uh, i named my blog Last Shreds Of Sanity, so I feel ya on the first one. I say many of your choices. A lot. I think my list could have been much, much longer than six. LOL

nawan said...
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