Thursday, December 11, 2008

Label Daddy saves the day (and my sanity)

As most busy moms, I have a hard time keeping track of all of my girl's thing. I'm very particular about the girls and their exposure to germs due to their health problems. So of course, we keep our sippy cups and binkies to ourselves. Imagine my horror when picking them up at the church nursery one day to find they'd been drinking out of some one else's sippy cup all morning. *GASP* Seriously, this bothered me. So I went home, steralized their cups and pulled out my magic Sharpie.

Unfortunately sharpie only lasts so long, usually just long enough for you to stick the cup in the dishwasher. So I was on the lookout for something better. And I found it.
I had the chance to reveiw some awesome new labels from Label Daddy, a new business owned by two dads! The labels are awesome! Seriously they stick like glue -- I have washed every cup/plate, etc I attached htem too and they are still stuck there, like they were the first time I put them there.

The labels are available in several pretty colors and of course are personalizable!

Label Daddy's Labels take care of my problem for me. I put Caity's name on her cups, her extra clothes, everything that would get mixed with other children's things. And the label's stick and they stay!

These labels have saved me so much sanity. I find that I can use them for anything. My newest use was sticking them on the bins for Caity's laundry. Now she'll know which is her bin to put away. I'm definitely ordering some for Miss Izzie too.

And one of my readers will be lucky too. Label Daddy is sponsoring a giveaway for my readers. So Follow the simple rules and try to win.

1st and foremost you must go to the Label Daddy site and tell me what labels you would love to have.

For extra entries:
* Blog about this giveaway and link to both Label Daddy and my blog
* Follow me on Twitter and Tweet about this contest
* Add me to your blogroll

Label Daddy has also given us a coupon code to share. If you enter Daddy4 in the coupon code section, you will receive 10% off any order placed.

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